Post Lap of My Mind exertions has been a bit of a tricky time as far as riding/training. With some unnerving (ha) nerve damage in my hand I’ve been confined to light road duties and the turbo trainer. Apparently nerves are not something to just MTFU and crack on with business as usual. The roughness of the roads and the clinging on hard down Devon and Cornwall’s steepest roads are what did it and I foolishly didn’t think to move to the drops more when descending as my hydro road brakes are so powerful you normally don’t need to. Ah well lesson learned. I also got really ill after LOMM basically collapsing in a heap of exhaustion. A couple of bouts of child minder induced plague pass on haven’t helped matters enormously.


Lap of My Mind dicking around

This all at a time of year when I’d normally be just going out and doing no numbers riding on my mountain bikes so it’s been a bit of a bummer to say the least. I haven’t ridden off road now for two months. I’ve been in the NHS system and some private stuff as well to try and speed hand recovery alongside but it’s still unclear whether this is a months or years thing, terrifyingly it can be the later.

The household DIY has fared slightly better notwithstanding gammy hand limitations. Forays in to mass garden clearance with digger, late night plumbing and the biggest bitch of all stripping super glued on wall paper off whilst taking most of the lime plaster with it. Household repair works continue alongside my own recovery but we have fitted in a nice little week in the alps seeing friends and family, I even tried snow shoeing!


Cowboy roofer

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It’s normally the time of year to look at some goals which are pretty tricky to set right now. Coach Jon has asked me a few times ‘so what we training for’, as yet I don’t really know. I have a few things in mind based around family caravanning weekends and seeing mates but until my hand is sorted I don’t want to set my hopes up too high. Unusually these certainly won’t include the Euro or World 24 champs due to fear of crap courses/ cost accordingly.

The motivation is slowly coming back, it does take me some time. I’m not one of those 100% year round kind of riders and I’ve no idea how people can be arsed to drag themselves up to the near arctic circle to do ultra endurance events in the depths of winter, fair play to them.

So no goals set for yet, no point really. I’ve always been a bit yin and yang so maybe later in the year I’ll be back and rise from the reparation ashes!

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