In 2017 I’m extremely lucky to have the support of a great mix of sponsors to help keep me kitted out and running smooth. If you’d like to discuss any sponsorship opportunities contact me on m.d.jones217@hotmail.com

I’m chuffed that M Steel Cycles have provided an amazing race weapon for me for the season 🙂 New race weapon Trek Superfly X1




Amazing grips from the people across the pond. Their new FIT XC are built for endurance riding! I’ll be running racers edge on my endure bike for control and comfort.

Roll for the Soul

I’m well chuffed that Roll for the Soul will be on board for 2016.

The guys will be keeping me rolling with much needed mechanical support but also as a workshop/cafe they will be helping to keep me on the straight and narrow diet wise.



USE download

USE will be keeping my race bike strong and light through a combination of their finishing kit loveliness. This includes the some wide, strong Atom Flattie bars and a lovely EVO-91 carbon seat post   EVO91_Black1_850x850_WEB atom_flattie_850x850_WEB_TEMP Exposure Lights exposure logo It’s pretty important to have reliable and mega powerful lights for the long hours of darkness on 24hr races. Fortunately Exposure Lights have provided some awesome night to day show stoppers in the form of a Toro for the bars and Axis for the helmet. Axis_850x850_WEB_1_0Toro_850x850_WEB_1


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