Rhyadar MTB Marathon

A good weekend caravaning looking on smugly at the suckers in their tents at Rhyadar MTB Marathon as it pished it down. Awesome scenery round those parts and a really fun course despite some pretty tricky narrow 4×4 tracks around the route. I stayed on the bike all day despite the conditions until hitting a flat corner on the road back down to town too fast and giving myself bloody gravel rash, gravel rash on a mtb ride, what a div! Only felt better when some other chap stood next to me said he did the same thing on the same corner on a ride the night before!

The ride itself had a good stacked field and despite getting caught by a couple of riders on the last climb I had a decent ride and loved the variety of trails. Sore ribs from last weekends adventures didn’t cause too much bother. Just need to loose those couple of kg’s before Bikefest and Davos24 in the next few weeks to drag my ass up the climbs a bit quicker.


Off we go






Start line faff


Chewing the fat on the start line


Off we go


Checking out the Elan Valley the day before


The hound approved






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