2016 review, bring it on 2017

It’s been a great year for me and I feel totally lucky to have pulled off feats I would have never in a million years thought possible. After taking the European 24 hour solo title in somewhat less that entirely satisfying circumstances I wanted to have a good ride in the Nationals to see how I measured up to the best in the UK. Everything went brilliantly and with a bit of luck in some testing conditions I came away with the win, whoop! This was even more incredible given the preceding weeks of life getting in the way. Read about that one here

With the year drawing to a close it’s always the time to work out what next. I’ve had some quite deep and thought provoking conversation with Jon @e3coach about 2017. His obvious thought is to notch it up another level whereas mine was more like how on earth do I maintain that level with all the new life changes on the horizon. Jon proved he understands me far more than I give him credit for breaking down my current mentality and recognising how to harness this. For example it might come as a shock to many that I genuinely don’t go in to races wanting to win as my main goal!


Jon from E3 Coach

Keeping the fun in riding is important to me and keeping true to why I started riding, getting out there with mates having a laugh. This is increasingly difficult with a busy life and fitting in training but my mates are generally not (that) abusive if I fit in a couple of extra hill reps whilst out on a ride with them!


5 days before the Euro Champs it was the annual mates BBQ ride…not to be missed


So what next then… well firstly with some things that will be the same. I’m mega chuffed to say that I’ll be continuing will long term sponsors M Steel Cycles with some updated race weapons. Bristol’s Community Bike Café Roll for the Soul will be life saving again next year with spannering that avoids me breaking things myself.


Roll for the Soul workshop support= life savers


Exposure Lights will be keeping me lit on the trails again, simply the best lights out there bar none, I can’t actually quite believe how far they are ahead of the competition and there’s a reason why most people’s lights at 24 hour races are supplied by these guys. USE components will be mounted to the new race machine to keep things light and racey. I’ll be using Torq Fitness products again as they are the central element to my race day nutrition strategy and are always good to have a chat to about racing.


The most important sponsor in action

The main new thing for next year with be joining up with Team JMC. I’ve known and respected some of the main guys behind setting this club up for some time. The experienced racers involved have always been happy to share their knowledge and it’s a testament to our sport that such a strong camaraderie exists between competitors. The club was originally started as a work place thing but has grown and expanded and is now a UK wide group of people who get together with a focus of fun and encouraging members to get involved in races and challenges across different sports. The club’s heartland also happens to be where I grew up so it feels even more special to be signing up. I’m looking forward to getting to know this group even more and pitting with them at races next year.


Kielder 100 2011 Matt meets team JMC! Jason and Phil using distraction by garmin to avoid my chat


Team JMC’s newest member

As for races, after packing in way too many last year I’ll be doing a few less but the main goal will be the World 24 hour championships in Finale Ligure with is probably the best 24 hour course out there. The UK 24 hour champs are only 8 weeks following Finale so I’m going to play it by ear as to whether or not I indulge in that one. Other than that I’ll dabble in a few marathon events but we’ve got a DIY marathon on our hands with our new old and in need some TLC house so that will swallow up a fair bit of time. Painting is good core strength work right?


This this is going to take a bit of work in 2017


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