Davos European 24hr solo champs aftermath

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A few more photo’s and things from Davos and the ensuing stag do carnage. The full write up is on singletrackworld here

I definitely had a bit of a blowout after the race drinking loads of beer and accompanying French produce in Morzine and I’ve struggled to rain it in since. I had an awesome time at the Manx100 but only being a few weeks after Davos it was never going to be a full gas event. I really noticed that extra 5kg of blubber! That box of meat I won must have been really fattening (or perhaps it was the daily ice creams…)!

Reflecting on the race it was certainly the most consistent I’ve been and I’m pretty chuffed to have done well on a course that traditionally wouldn’t be my cup on tea. I would have liked to have had some more competition but I guess you can only beat what’s in front of you. I’ve got a few middle ultra distance things coming up if there is such a thing this summer with, Torq 12 6hr and Kielder 101 on the menu. These should be good for keeping the legs on form without creating the same fatigue that a 24 hour beasty does.



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