World Champs reflections, next year’s goals

It’s been nearly three months since the World 24 hour Champs and it seems to take a while to get your head round these sorts of races to break them down afterwards. You can read my report here:

I didn’t quite achieve my aim of top 10 elite elite coming in 13th and strong age groupers meant my overall position was lower than the previous year at Fort William. The positives I take are that I rode faster, further and longer than I ever have done before in a race and that I was there to the death riding for over 25hours. Normally riding for this long would pick you up a couple of places at the death but despite a massive drop in lap times I was too far back to catch those in front. As I’ve improved over the last couple of years there will always come a point of realisation that my physiology will come to be a limiting factor. I certainly couldn’t ever imagine for example, being able to recover from the world’s to fly half way round the planet the next week and win your national championships like Jason English did. Although the race was the main reason for our trip had an awesome trip across there and the people were so friendly it was unbelievable.


Lake Tahoe, California Road Trip


One thing that I’ll be working on next year is trying to get my head out of survival mode for 24hour and fully in to race mode. When you’re 15hours in to a race your body and head are telling you to conserve but as I get stronger I should have the legs to ‘race’ not just ‘survive’ these things which means keeping concentrated on pushing the legs. Essentially making sure your are always bumping the rev limiter not just cruising. Jon at E3 Coaching will be helping steer me in the right direction and I’m delighted to keep on my brilliant sponsors for 2016 to help me achieve my goals.


Winter off season testing, that hurt!


So next year I’ll be mixing it up again with a bit of everything from a dabble in XC and Enduro to my main stay, single day ultra-endurance events. The big early season goal will be an attempt to be the first person to do the South Downs Double in Winter whilst I’m hoping to make the trip to Davos to the European 24 hour Championships.

See you in 2016.


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