Race fuel: Torq

I’m delighted to say that Torq will be supporting me this year to keep the costs of going round in circles for 24 hours at a time down. Torq are THE leaders in sports nutrition for cyclists, not just due to their products themselves but because of their knowledge about how these products fit in to the bigger performance picture. Matt Hart is always on hand at races to offer advice to anyone and certainly had some good words of wisdom for me earlier this season when I had been struggling with the heat at events.

It took me quite a few years to find a product that worked for me during endurance races. Most other nutrition brands I’ve used seemed to all have some downsides whether it be taste, ease of consumption, size, weight(!), compatibility with stomach etc. Torq seem to have all these sorted for my needs, I just wish I’d discovered them earlier!

Little details count when doing endurance events, a nice easy tear no litter tab on their gels means less faffing and not ripping your gel wrapper to pieces like a rabid jack russel just for it to reveal some foul tasting goo. Even the maths of it is so straightforward, 30g of carb per item instead of trying to do on the fly calculations or spreadsheets to make sure you are getting the right amounts (very important in 24hr races). The best thing is they taste pretty good, bonus!

Anyway, enough of the marketing spiel, if you’re new to sports nutrition I’d recommend that you should experiment with different brands to find out what works for you, do so in training though as dodgy guts mid race is a game ender in some situations. However what I would say is give Torq a try first as both myself and a lot of other people have ended up using their products which must mean something! Particularly for me as their stuff isn’t the cheapest and I’m a cheapskate so it must be good 🙂

Fuelling for the recent 'epics'

Fuelling for the recent ‘epics’

Torq often on hand at races offering advice or in my case somewhere to stash my bag!

Torq often on hand at races offering advice or in my case somewhere to stash my bag!


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