More good news! Weldtite!

I remember when I first started mountain biking when I was 14, after my parent’s upgrading my ‘pepsi’ branded bike in favour of a GT Arrowhead (bright orange, obviously) the next thing on the list was a multi-tool and something to maintain with, bike oil seemed the logical thing. Thus began pretty much having a can of Weldtite TF2 Teflon spray in the tool box ever since.

If a company have a 70 year history in any industry, they must be doing something right. Weldtite have certainly been at the forefront of developing new products to keep bikes smooth and fast. The kind chaps at the Lincolnshire HQ will be sponsoring me with lots of ace products to take the grind out of maintenance including some super techy lubes and cleaners through to robust, well thought out tools that quite simply just work and last.



One of the downsides of endurance racing is the toll it takes on bikes so I’m really happy that Weldtite will be making my life a lot easier this year with a host of goodies. For those who don’t like bike cleaner, you must have too much time on your hands!

TF2 kept this spinning at a recent enduro race event is this filth!

TF2 kept this spinning at a recent enduro race event is this filth!

I’ve used lots of different Weldtite products over the years, their reviews speak for themselves so no point me banging on about them here , check out their website if you need convincing (


Winter muck is upon us! Photo Credit @dickyelsdon 

With some pretty big mucky rides on the cards their products will be much needed!

Weldtite have a firm commitment to riders through not just providing quality products but also their series of useful how to video’s ( I reckon there’s something for even the seasoned mechanic in there.

I feel in pretty safe hands with Weldtite, after all, as they say themselves…

weldtite 2


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