Getting kitted out for the season: Tenn Outdoor

Looking through my cycle clothing draws recently revealed some historic items from my first outings on a mountain bike, 14 years ago…!!!

My mileage in the early days was pretty low so a once a month 10mile ride didn’t really put a strain on my wardrobe, however since doing silly things like riding round in circles off-road for 24hours a pop causes somewhat more wear and tear to your kit.

Step in Tenn Outdoor to supply me with some winter essentials. Soggy hands and ass on recent rides has knocked my enthusiasm somewhat so knowing I’ve got some fresh shiny kit to keep me warm and dry is most welcome.

Chatting to the guys at Tenn, they certainly have a good history in the clothing industry and initial impressions are that their kit offers very good quality for the money (as do the forums if you read around).


Clothing stash! Tenn Outdoor

Tenn are a relatively new company who have been associated with excellent value for the quality. In their own words, we know where the big brands get their kit produced and we can equal the quality at a much reduced cost.

Cheers guys!

Watch this space as I give their gear a thorough bashing this year.



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