News! Yay, new Sponsors!

If you are one of the unfortunate that frequent my blog, you’ll have noticed a few shiny logo’s added to the page recently. Woohhoo!!! It’s great that there are so many awesome bike related companies are out there that are willing to support riders. More news to follow about them all.

Starting things off yocal, I’m well chuffed that Roll for the Soul will be on board for 2015. Just featured on the BBC headline news none the less (the shop that is not my sponsorship announcement…).


The guys will be keeping me rolling with much needed mechanical support but also as a workshop/cafe they will be helping to keep me on the straight and narrow diet wise. It’s no secret that I like my pizza and beer, although an achievement not necessarily to be proud of, I once necked 20 slices of pizza in my lunch hour #pizzahutchallenge.

IMG_20150116_092017851As we all know, weight matters when racing and one of my main goals for this year is to eat lean and clean to make those hills a bit easier! RftS will be helping me with some recipes full of the good stuff. I’ve eaten in the cafe lots before and as a dedicated carnivore it always amazes me how full I get from their tasty veggie dishes, yum. Roll also host loads of interesting events so if you haven’t already, go check them out.

So here’s to rolling for my soul in 2015!


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