New year, new goals

2014 was a great year for me. The foundation was getting the support from sponsors M Steel Cycles who sorted me out with an awesome bike for the year and loads of other help along the way. Having Exposure Lights on hand at the dark races was amazing and the finishing kit from USE was faultless. THANKS!

Winning Bikefest 12hour solo (literally solo with no pit help) after getting 3rd the year before was really nice and seeing a steady improvement throughout the Marathon series race on race gave me a taste of what I could achieve if I started to take things more seriously. The hardest but in retrospect the most satisfying race for me was Bontrager 24 solo where I massively struggled throughout with the heat (resulting in heat stroke for the week after) and for about 6 hours I was in loads of stomach pain. Managing to carry on and hold on to second behind a very strong Chris Noble was really satisfying looking back, although at the time I just wanted to curl up in an iglo! Then achieving my main goal of the year to get in the top 20 at the world 24 champs and picking up a world champ jersey in age cat was a really great bonus.

I’m still learning loads about endurance racing but I’m pretty sure that without reinventing the wheel I can do more this year. Through reading around most of the literature about planning a race season, setting goals and sharing these at the start of the year seems to come highly recommended….so without further a do in 2015 my goals are:

– Improve hill climbing ability by dropping weight to 71kg or lower and doing more hill repeat training

– Top 10 European Solo 24 Champs

– Top 10 Elite Solo 24 World Champs

These will be challenging but achievable goals and there will be news coming shortly as to which great people will be helping meet them. After hitting the beer season hard whilst honeymooning in South Africa, goal number one might be a bit of a challenge! Here are some epic pics from the trip featuring some dodgy hire bikes!

IMG_20141228_125735200 IMG_20141228_125749215_HDR IMG_20141226_133627616 IMG_20141226_134858694_HDR IMG_20141226_134906319 IMG_2823 P1010473 P1010471


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