Solo 24 winter training: ‘Epic Afan’

When you tell friends and family you ride your bike for 24 hours at a time just for the hell of it, you often get some rather strange looks but pretty much the same questions every time as well ‘how much sleep do you get…’ etc.

Being able to physically and mentally ride a 24hour race let alone race one doesn’t come from nowhere, it comes from putting in the winter miles when everyone else is tucked up in front of the tv or probably still in bed!

To keep motivated for these sorts of events, having fun and interesting things as part of my training is key to turning up on the start line ready to rock come the warmer months. Smashing out the same route time and time again does not make for a happy cyclist.

After competing in the World 24hr Solo Championships in October I proceeded to get fat, quite impressively so with a 5kg gain in 3 weeks so I needed something to insight a bit of fear factor training to get back on the straight and narrow.

So ‘Epic Afan’ was conceived which will involve taking on ALL the trails at Afan Forest Park in one go, BIG DAY OUT! I’ve recruited some fellow endurance cycling nutters, Scott ‘the physio’ Cornish of multiple stage race adventures and just to keep the pace up, the greatest 24hour racer to hit these shores and recent World 24hr Champs Silver medallist Ant White. 2nd of December is the date, more info to follow!

Blade trail Afan, fast and rough!

Blade trail Afan, fast and rough! Thanks to Jamie Edwards @wideopen for the snap 🙂





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