WEMBO Aftermath: What next?

It’s been a few weeks now since the biggest race of the year, WEMBO drew to a close. I’ve well and truly had a Ricky Hatton style blowout probably drinking more beer in 3 weeks than I have in the last year! Having had a pretty good go at putting on some beer weight with an impressive +5kg in three weeks I’ve started to feel like it’s time to get back on it. Still it’s been good to have some down time whilst I figured out ‘what next’?

Although happy with achieving my goal of top 20 overall at WEMBO I can’t help but come away feeling I could have done a little bit more. Another lap which I had time for would certainly have boosted me up a few more places but could have (amazingly) given me a shot of getting in the top 10 elite which would have been awesome and far beyond what I thought might be possible. Clearly this is all wudda shudda coulda chat and perhaps 23 laps was what I was capable of, my head saying I’ve had enough is as big a stopping power as your legs just no longer being able to turn the pedals. It certainly wasn’t the latter that stopped me on reflection. This makes me feel like there is more to come by more training of body and importantly mind! I think this is a good thing.

So ‘what next’ means spending a month doing some fun things, a #enduro, more midweek mtb rides, more casual rides with mates. All these should help to make sure I’ve had sufficient down time whilst still keeping the legs spinning. Hopefully when I start training properly again the drive will be there again after a month of rewards 🙂

I’ve got an interesting epic adventure planned in a few weeks time at Afan, taking on all the trails in one go, a non insignificant 100miler in Decemeber! Scott Cornish and Ant White are coming along as fellow long distance nutters. Having this in the diary should help with giving me a bit more focus as I try and get back on the wagon, I find panic training definitely helps the motivation levels.

Plans for next year aren’t quite as clear as yet but will certainly involve more of the same and possibly some foreign adventures, watch this space. I’m intrigued to find out what some more structured winter training through some weight training (uhhh), hell I might even write a training plan!


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