Getting ready for WEMBO 24

I’ve probably spend the best part of 6 hours this weekend sorting bikes/gear out for the world’s next weekend. Only just about found enough time for a ride as well!

Just about finished getting my two lovelies ready to take a hard pounding in the hills of Scotland.This year I’ve been lucky enough to saddle up on board a Trek 29er which has been awesome. I can’t think of any mechanical failures over the course of the year that have hindered me in any race at all. Even the wheels have stayed true despite being hammered down epic Lake District rocky descents through to the roots and drops of Exmoor.

My 9.8sl has been pimped with some USE finishing kit including bars and seat post. The latter of which is their super lightweight carbon offering which not only weights nothing, is tough and looks good with it. My trusty Scott scale will be equipped with some lush carbon wheels from USE which will massively help with stiffness out back due to my scale only have a QR axel. The wheels also come with a nano coating that sheds mud, handy for a race in October in Scotland then! Lights from Exposure, well nothing more to say that they are flat out the best in the business by a mile. Axis and Toro will be my main light sabres of choice with lots of options to maximise battery life. I’ll have my old diablo and maxx d as well to rotate between.

Toro and Axis, light and bright!

Toro and Axis, light and bright!

Packing commences! Pack everything!

Hello lovelies. USE Carbon Wheels

So two similar bikes ready to rock, and take on the worlds. I owe a massive thanks to M Steel Cycles and USE/Exposure Lights for all their support it getting me to the worlds well equipped and ready to smash it.


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