Riding back up north – stunning

This weekend I’ve been back up North which means no mahusive traffic jams, and some of the most stunning scenery in the UK. As we were planning logistics for our upcoming wedding, time for riding was (only a bit) limited but I was keen to get in a couple of quality sessions. Still, testing out the beers at Wylam Brewery with my mate Scott was my idea of wedding planning 🙂


nough said


Wylam Brewery tasting, 450 pints ordered!

Time for riding is going to be short in the next few weeks before bikefest 12hour solo due to an impending house move and further wedding planning activities so giving hill intervals a go one day followed by a big ride the next was the plan. 

Looking on the OS map from where we were staying in Doxford flagged that going inland was the place to identify a hill for intervals. Sure enough I found a 5 minute steep beast that was inconveniently being manned by a group of pesky scouts out for a hike who upon the fourth time of passing up and down were well and truly warmed up for heckling. 


5 minute climb 

I couldn’t quite remember what I should be doing for hill intervals so I did 6 repeats and went as fast as I could the whole way up each time. I had a slight breather at the mid point as well to take on some fluids. It felt like a good session all in but will have to do some reading as to what I should be doing on these!


Hills: 5min x6

With the weekends commitments I would be missing the national marathon champs at Selkirk so I was keen to get in a long one to compensate. I started out with a 23mile loop up the coast and then nipped back to base to grab some supplies before heading inland over to wooler and nearly up as far as coldstream. 


Stunning northumberland

I’m definitely not in to road riding but there was only room for one bike this weekend so the commuter was put in to chew up the miles. The Trek Crossrip has been a pretty solid commuting/general purpose training tool to date although I’m still adjusting to drop bars, ewww. Its certainly seen some miles already. I had a fresh pair of team bib tights on from M Steel Cycles in believe it or not, size small, the scales don’t say I’ve been losing much weight but my ass is obviously declining in girth a tad. Only another 3kg to go…

Battling again the wind and rain at times made the ride fairly tough but there was always something to look at with the cheviots close by.


Gap in the rain

88 fairly hilly miles in total.




I’ll probably start doing some higher intensity stuff now as my main races of the season are coming up. Planning week to week is pretty difficult around my new job where I’m out and about quite a lot so I’ve just focusing on getting quality riding in when I can and not stressing too much when I can’t. 




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