Year ahead

Its that time of year when the calendar comes out to plot the assault on the racing year. Its also when the wallet starts to take a battering as the race entries flood in. Blimey, bike races used to cost about £20 to enter but now it seems that the standard is £30+. Anyway aside from that I’m very excited to say that I’ve just entered the biggy, the World 24hour Solo championships in Fort William next year


I think everyone who’s anyone will probably be rocking up. It will be great to be on the same track as legends such as Jason English and I’ll take a bit of a confidence boost having got to grips with course last year at Relentless24. The team sheet also means that getting anywhere near the podium as I managed in October would be a massive challenge but its something to aim for.

Other events I’m looking forward to include the Bristol Bikefest, Dyfi Enduro, whinlatter challenge and some of the MTB Marathon series, so the focus is very much on going long in 2014. After getting body fitted by the guys at M Steel Cycles on the new steed I’m feeling good to go so bring it on 2014!


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