Festive Round Up

Spending some time down in Lancashire for xmas with the parents has been a double edged sword. On the one hand, they are only a (very big) hill from the Cragg and Lee Quarry trails and the Pennine Bridleway but on the other their house habours so much tasty food that a 50miler is quickly eradicated with sins of chocolate and cake. Coupled with my ability to eat my own body weight at any attempt psychological problems (I nailed 20 slices of pizza hut buffet pizza the other week) one of my primary training objectives, to get sub 70kg has gotten off to a bad start. I did manage to offset this with a couple preemptive exercise strikes down in Suffolk with the (to be) in laws though before heading up north. Its been bloody windy though and not just after all those sprouts making it pretty miserable out there.



Nevertheless I’m guessing that my fitness itself can’t have declined that much and maybe even boosted as I try and haul my christmas cake filled belly up the slopes of Lancashire!

Some highlights from the christmas presents stash:

My wife to be showing her concern for my well being, or perhaps just ensuring I stay alive long enough to walk down the aisle?! Let’s hope she doesn’t change mobile number!


A cracking all in one portable toolbox for racing (thanks mum and dad!) stocked with some new tools and some ‘science’. A beauty of a merino TORM jersey and last but not least a new bike for the 2014 season, more on that to follow soon (sneak peak above!).


Need to now get back in the garage on the turbo which has been gathering dust recently although with the weather we’ve had at least my toes won’t drop off in there.

Note to self: must learn how to stop eating


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