Malaga with ROOST DH

Bit of a change of scenery from riding xc all year to smashing DH trails in sandy and sunny Spain. Awesome week with ROOST DH but took some hefty spills after a combination of not having ridden my dh bike for quite some time and the totally different nature of the trails out there. We were riding with the Wideopen Mag race team who had recently signed up some new rippers who were showing how things were done. Great little vid of the trip put together by Milky at Aspect Media . A  big off where I nailed myself after coming up short on a gap jump appears at the start.

The riding was really technical and unpredictable at times which was great fun but took some getting used to. Roost had a great setup with a hot tub and free beers a plenty. We even ventured to the local go karting track where I managed to take the win. No idea where go karting skills come from as my van snit exactly a race rocket and I’m no boy racer!

Anyhow after all the spills I took I look like I’ve been attacked by a tiger on return to the UK. Good times though. Beer drinking and the ‘transition period’ is now officially over so its back to lonely nights in the garage with the turbo… 



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